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Getting ready to trade

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The Trading Panel

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How to follow our signals

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Trading Basics


Using Daily Charts


Using Intraday Charts


Tips from the Pros


Trading Basics

  • Use Trading Pro’s signals to define where it’s a high, good, fair or poor prediction day. The predictability of the markets varies from day to day because of events unexpected for the predictor. News like changes in exchange rates, commodities value, market shares, natural disasters, political decisions, bond value adjustments, wars, quarterly results, etc, can render the prediction useless. In order to deal with this kind of circumstances, we evaluate during the first hour of trading how predictable is the market, which means how confident are our forecasts going to be for the rest of the day. The forecasting accuracy of the day is shown through a color code, just beside the prediction chart in the Prediction Zone.

  • Follow the trend. Trading Pro’s model shows you an intraday forecast of the market trend. Focus mainly on the charts turning points to define your enter and exit strategies.

  • Cut your losses short. This is easier said than done. Many people do not like to admit when they are wrong. Think defensively and focus on protecting your equity rather than trying to make money. When a loss occurs, make sure it does not wipe you out. Remember that Trading Pro forecast is updated every 15 minutes. This means that if news or other external factors affect the market, the model will incorporate that effect in the next forecast update.

  • Use money management. This can be more important than when to buy or sell. Before entering any trade know exactly how much you plan to risk if the market goes against you. Trading Pro tools have to be used as a support tools to help you confirm your own analysis. Our experience in the lab fund, shows that traders obtained the best results by combining Trading Pro’ forecasts with traditional technical analysis.

  • Let your profits run. Do not close out profitable positions too early just because there are profits to take. However, waiting too long for more profits can lead to losses. Before entering a trade have definite exit points in the event of either a profit or a loss. Use our charts to help you define these entry and exit points. Use trailing stops to let your profits run.

  • Trade with a plan or system and stick to it . Have a disciplined, detailed trading plan for each trade. Know entry price, stop loss price and price objective. A trading plan that includes this will eliminate impulse or "gut" trades. Follow Trading Pro’ charts to help you stick with your plan.

  • Do not trade with emotions. Having a plan or system can desensitize your emotions so you can base trading decisions on sound ideas. Trading Pro’ system is an excellent tool to help you leave emotions out of your trading strategy.

  • Watch for both fundamental and technical data. Both fundamental and technical traders can affect the market, so observe what they are studying. Our prediction model will help you forecast were the market will move, so it is a great complement to your own trading techniques.

  • When you are not sure, stand aside. Do not feel that you have to trade everyday. We strongly recommend that you close all your positions during the day. Trading Pro’ system does not computes gaps, so we strongly recommend that you do not leave opened positions from day to day, and wait 45 minutes after the market opened to read our charts.

  • Isolate your trading from your desire for profit. This can eliminate trading on emotions.

  • Keep it simple. Avoid techniques you don't understand.